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August 13, 2009

Solos, solos, and solos

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Finally! Keito, Kei, and Daiki get solos! It’s about time. They’ve been working so hard for years and they’re getting the attention they deserve. The Tengoku concert better be released on a DVD, it’s obviously way better than the Jumping Tour, which is really awesome.

So Ryutaro is the only one out of all ten members who need a solo…I hope he’ll get his chance soon! Even though I do like his dance solo. ;] It’s sexy.

His voice is awesome. Seriously, I didn’t even think ‘Babylon’ was going to be this good. No offense, but I couldn’t really tell, since I never heard his voice by himself – until now. His voice sort of reminds me of Tatsuya Ueda from KAT-TUN. After listening Babylon a few times, it just screams “Ueda”. I don’t know.

Dai-chan’s kawaii solo! It’s just so cute! I wish I could watch the performance…I mean, I wish I watched it, duh, in real life, but this is why this concert should be released on a DVD! Why on earth should we miss this awesome chance? Johnny is just confusing, but their solos totally make up for the lack of release for a while.

Inoochi!! His solo has a lot of ‘suki’…I wonder if his song’s name is “Suki”?? Hehe. I wouldn’t mind. ;D Plus I just love, love the part where he yelled “Minna! DAISUKI!” and the parts where he yells “suki, suki…suki!” I mean, we like love you too! (: That just proves it: If HSJ isn’t going to release anything soon, we need this concert to come out already!


July 26, 2009

Oh, blah.

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Haha, I’ve been dead here for about three weeks. Oh well~ I’ve been way too busy and I just got sick on Monday. Boo! ):

But I figure I should post at least more than once a month. Since I had no idea what to post, I was just watching random, old videos when I realized something really, really bad: I don’t like Yuto anymore.

I mean, I still like him, as a regular fan, but he sort of…lost his charm. I don’t go, “Ohmigosh, it’s Yuto!” when I see his picture, videos, magazines, blogs, whatever. I just look at him like a bored person and move on. Weird, huh?

So I decided to post about him today. (: Mhmm.

This was way back in March, but who cares? I still watch old videos from ’03!

Anyway, they’re all looking more mature and yes, hot – Even Ryutaro! And no, I’m not being creepy because I’m younger than him instead of being a woman twice his age. Yeah. You can hardly see Ryutaro, so you’ll probably forget that this performance is by him, Yamada, Yuto, and…Koki. (Nothing against Koki, I’m just annoyed that the camera was on him a lot instead of the guys I like.)

When I watched this video back then, I realized that Yuto had grown up from that random, adorable (He still is, but you know what I mean) boy to a super hot guy. (: It shocked the heck outta me, especially since I hate admitting that the cute boys I’ve watched for a long time turn hot. I just hope and hope that they won’t turn out like Akanishi Jin. Seriously.

So what was the point of this post…? Nothing, really. Haha. I’m just being stupid right now.

But since I used to really, really like Yuto for years, I wonder why I don’t really like him anymore. :/

I mean, Keito and Hikaru lost their charm on me too (Normal for Keito since I hardly see him anyway), but even Yuto?! Maybe I should watch Scrap Teacher all over again. One of the best dramas ever! His acting was so good in there, even though he’s always been a good actor. (Nobuta wo Produce anyone?)

By the way: I can’t find Hey! Say! BEST Abake or the making of Akuma no Koi!! ): I’ve been looking for a while, but they’re always deleted, removed, and such. The stupid thing about this computer is that I can’t download videos. Help?

Oh, and I’ll post about things that have a point soon. =P NYC Boys, Akuma no Koi, how cute B.I Shadow is, etc. Hehe.

And Hey! Say! JUMP need to release something already. It’s almost been a year, and eventually even the most die-hard fan from Yabu’s Ya-Ya-Yah days are going to switch to Yuma w/ B.I Shadow. They’re young, they’re talented, and they’re adorably cute/hot. (:

July 5, 2009

July Fourth

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Well, it’s July Fourth! Yeah, it’s independence day, which rocks (Parades! Candy! Parades!! Parades!!), but it’s also one of the CUTEST guys birthday ever! I hope you guys had a great day and got to watch your parade!!

Yes, of course it’s. . .



Stare at the picture all you want. It’s huge for a reason. 😀

This guy can do it all. Just like the other Johnny’s idols. I only care about a few of them, so I’m not sure the other idols can also do it all. I’ve been a fan of Massu for a long, long time. Seriously. Since ’03 (When I found out about JE), which is six years! I loved watching him during the Onigokko games! He was always the calmest out all of the players.


So when he was chosen to debut in NEWs, (yes, we all know what I’m going to say) I was super happy. Of course he was going to debut! With his cute cheeks and his talent, why wouldn’t he debut? He seems like a great guy to just hang out with. I think if I was just sitting on a bench with him in silence, I would suddenly burst into laughter. Why? I have no idea. And the fact that he’s best friends with Tegoshi? Amplified his cuteness too much. As if he wasn’t cute enough.

massuguitar gifM6

And have you guys noticed that he’s looked the same for years? Totally weird, huh? But hey, I’m good with that. I’m glad that he went back to his old hair, because short hair is NOT a good look for him.

Massu is probably one of the best dancers ever. It was obvious, but when he performed Pumpkin, it was just. . .yeah, I’m already speechless.

My favorite part is the first part. “What’s for dinner? I wanna PUMPKIN!”

Yeah, even though his grammer sucks, who cares? He’s just so freaking adorable, it’s crazy! He resembles Daiki for me, though. Like a slightly older version! Oh, I know! Like his older brother! It’s just the cheeks, although they’re both crazy talented and adorable. (:

Even though he’s been with Tegoshi for so long, he’s still (almost) innocent! Just cute-ish-ly sorta awkwardly secretly perverted, unlike Tegoshi’s princely perverted-ness. (A.K.A ero prince-ness, but I was just trying to get three p words in a row. . .)

Gachibaka anyone? I wouldn’t mind going to school if it was with these two cuties. . .(:


Massu-kun, please keep being cute!! You’re the only guy I know who can be hot and cute at the same time! You’re one of my favorite guys ever, so if you ever quit being an idol, I will hunt you down and make you sing for me. (: Haha. Don’t worry, I’m obviously kidding! But one day, I WILL meet you, so please put up with my craziness for you (: I’ll continue to support you!! I’ll never, ever stop (:

Demo, if you did stop smiling, I might consider seriously hunting you down. =___=;;



It’s also Akanishi Jin’s birthday, but I don’t even care. . .he’s turning 25. Yeah. I can’t believe I still remember. I got out of KAT-TUN a long time ago. I like the old KAT-TUN, and the 19 year cute Jin. So yeah. My first idol crush. Why I got into JE in the first place. Because I heard “Hesitate”. It’s a beautiful song, and I will always remember it. He looked like he was going to cry!! That’s how emotional it was. And he still had those cheeks && his hair was AWESOME in here.

Chibi Jin forever!! [;

Happy birthday, Jin!! And I hope someone gives you a time machine and a cloning device so you can make another one of you, go back in time, and become the cute chibi-Jin!! Then ship him to me and we can live happily ever after. Haha. (: And give me the time machine so we can stay young forever and ever. Mwahaha. (:

July 2, 2009

Dorama Koishite Akuma Preview

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I officially think Yuma is hot! Seriously, he was just hot in this preview. xD I’m so jealous of his teacher that lady! I hope there isn’t a kissing scene in there. . .>.<;; I’m such a fangirl. . but still!! I really hope there isn’t a kissing scene!! Shintaro is acting with Yuma again, so I can’t wait to watch this! Shintaro does look a lot like Ryutaro-kun. xD

Yuma’s tendency to look scary in his pictures pay off in this drama (As far as I can tell). It just works. I know he’s a great actor, so I hope people who really hate him will give him a chance and watch his drama! (Because there’s Shintaro and Kento in it. . .xD)

I wish Kento was in this preview. ): Boo!

June 23, 2009

Inoo Kei

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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys ever, Inoo Kei!

I started this blog for Hey! Say! JUMP! but it’s becoming more of a random Johnny’s blog. . .

so I’m glad I’m finally talking about HSJ again!

Kei-kun was in J.J Express until he debuted in Hey! Say! JUMP!

He was very adorable and pretty back then, and he still is! Except he pulls off the “hot/cool” look a lot now!

Although he doesn’t get very much attention in HSJ, he was the guy in J.J Express who got mucho cameratime and solos [; Don’t believe me? Watch their videos – this is probably my favorite :

After watching this, I bet you’re wondering: WHY DOESN’T KEI GET ANY SOLOS OR GET MORE ATTENTION?!

He has a great voice and he’s great at dancing and he’s so CUTE~!!! (:

The answer is obvious: Someone in Johnny’s needs to get hit in the head hard enough with a rock and realize Kei needs solos, more camera time, and attention, no matter how awesome the other members are too!! (I’ll be more than glad to throw the rock)

And simply because I love Kohei as much as Kei, I just have to post:

Stronger Without you, by Kohei and Kei.

One of my favorite duets. I listened to this when I was very young, and even though I almost never cry, I’m not afraid to admit I cried when I heard this. Kohei’s voice is so beautiful!! My favorite part in this video is when Kei starts singing with Kohei and walks up to him. They’re awesome. Why did Kohei quit? He would have debuted in HSJ, and it’ll be funny watching his tease the other members and being funny with Kei!

Anyone remember Pre-pre-Pretty?!?!

I forgot when this was. Definitely a long time ago, when there was Ya-Ya-Yah and J.J Express. (I’m not dumb) They’re so funny! And way too pretty! Kei’s still pretty, and I bet Kohei’s still pretty! (:

Kohei’s hilarious xD haha.

I bet all of you guys have realized this, but Kei-kun has never had a bad picture. I doubt you can even find “okay” pictures!! He just does a awesome job and you can tell he knows that. In most of his pictures, he usually smiles a “Kei smile”. [: You guys know what I mean, right?

I really wish I can hear Kei’s voice again. Maybe when Hey! Say! JUMP FINALLY has an album (a single would be nice too), Kei will have a solo line! I can’t wait to hear it! I’ve missed listening to his singing voice. ): A solo song. . .would be awesome. Maybe he should play the piano again! He plays it so beautifully, I want to learn how to play the piano just to play “Star Time”! [:

I want to keep this post short so the few people who actually read it won’t get annoyed with me for typing so much like I do in my other posts. Sorry!

Star Time is my absolute favorite HSJ song, and the fact that Kei played the piano in it is probably one of the many reasons it is my favorite! 😀

Dear Inoochi,

I hope you get a solo line, more attention, and even a solo song! Please keep playing the piano because you’re one of the only guys who can play it so awesomely. I hope you get a major role in a drama, because I’ve seen you in Gachibaka and you were GREAT as Massu’s little brother. Never change your hair because the reason why you’re so cute is partly because of your hair, but if you, it’s okay because you seem like a really nice guy and it’s the personalities that count. (: I’m so glad you debuted because I’ve been rooting for you since your J.J Express days and when I heard you were going to debut, I can’t explain how happy I was, even though I wish Kohei was going to debut with you, but he already quit. I wonder if you’re still friends with him? Haha. You’re one of the best idols ever, and I hope I get to meet you one day in real life! You’re really talented, and I wonder what other talents you are hiding. With you, I’ll never get to know, huh? Can you teach me how to be 1/100 as photogenic as you? You’re the most photogenic person there is!! Even more than the other idols, which is next to impossible.  Stay funny and awesome, okay? Don’t quit being an idol!! I’m never going to stop being your fan, which I’ve been for almost all my life. Please never stop smiling. I love your smile, because it’s a Kei smile!! I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just. . .you! So never, ever stop smiling, Inoochi.

June 20, 2009

Tegomass: Tanabata Matsuri (4th single)

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This is Tegomass’s new PV preview for Tanabata Matsuri! It sucks it’s so short, but hey, it is just a short version! I have almost never heard Tegoshi sing so low before, and I think he should sing like that more often! He’s been one of my most favorite singers for a long, long time, and I don’t think that’ll change. When he sings live, it’s almost like he’s lip-synching (Puh-lease. Like he’ll ever do that.) and he can hit all the notes. The loose perm on him is very cute! It’s a cute look for him, and I hope he’ll keep it for a while. He probably knew a tight perm would be hideous like on some other idols whom I will not mention because I don’t want any screaming fangirls to kill me.

Massu-kun’s hair is finally back to normal! Well, actually, it’s been back to normal for quite a while, but let me just say that because I was getting sad over his hair. ): Weird, huh? Short hair does NOT look good on him, no matter how cute he is. Also, let me quote various fangirls all over the internet.

“Massu, what happened to your hair?!

And why does it look so adorable on you?”

Yes, Massu, why does it look so darn adorable on you? ❤

It’s obvious we can expect great things from this single and their album, like we do every single time. If they changed their style, I will be really sad because their songs are a bit romantic, cute, happy, and innocent, just like them! The little kids in the video are very lucky and also adorable! I can’t really tell yet, but I think this video was supposed to show that Tegomass are kids at heart (They also kind of look like it. . . well, Massu. But they both still look like teenagers! Especially Massu! He looks exactly the same from when he appeared on Ya-Ya-Yah and everything!).

Well, that’s all I wanted to post.

I can’t wait!!

June 18, 2009

Matsumura Hokuto + talk about the new B.I Shadow

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I wish I knew how to take pictures while the videos are playing. ^^;; They’re called “captions” or something, right? If anyone could tell me, it’ll be much appreciated. I really want to get some pictures of Hokuto!! (He looks SUPER ADORABLE in videos.)



Hokuto (top right) is so cute!! They all look adorable though. Wait, Hokuto looks adorable and cool at the same time. . . Kento (bottom right) and Fuma (middle right)are the one who look 100% adorable. Yuugo’s (bottom left) picture is funny xD but still cute.


Well, it’s June eighteenth! (In Japan haha) Over here, it’s still the seventeenth (: (Uh, I’m pretty sure it’s his birthday right now. . .but I’m too lazy to make sure!)

Well, I hardly know anything about Hokuto! Noo!! Well, today he turns fourteen (Damn, he’s only five months older than me. They’re getting younger.) and he has a black belt in karate! No wonder he’s proud of it.

If I went to his school, I’ll be in the same grade! Yay!!

He’s so cute~!!! I thought he was just cute in pictures. . .

then I saw him in a video! (We all know what I’m talking about – Music Station, teehee!) Adorable !!!

I would “embed” (is that the word?) it, but since Youtube deleted this video, I was forced to keep searching for this (because my computer has a rare, annoying inability to download videos) until I stumbled upon this random website where it finally had this video!! I have no idea how to use it, so just bare with me.

One word that sums up this WHOLE video: ADOARBLE!!!

These guys are way too cute!! I’m so glad they’re debuting!! I just wish Misaki was in it ): Give all of them solos, replace Yuma with Misaki, and give Yuma a solo career!

I love the parts where Fuma and Hokuto jump up when they say “Sky! High!”

and where Yuma says “Kiss me baby” and they all crowd around him smiling for the camera!! That might be my favorite part!!

The ending pose was also too adorable for words!!

Their song “Akuma no Koi” is so. . . . .Well, it’s a lot like the other debut songs, except that it’s a song you’ll probably remember for a long, long time, unlike the others!! (: However, only Yuma getting the solos. . .out of FIVE people. . .I was hoping for at least three. . .or just two!!

Alright, back to Hokuto.

Even though there was Fuma and Kento during the performance, I just had to pay attention to him first ~ (:

I’ll be honest here – He doesn’t look that good during pictures. But I think it’s because he’s just super duper nervous!! I’m sure he’ll get used to cameras and everything – during his performance, he looked perfectly natural!!

I’m so glad Fuma & Kento are debuting (I’ve been supporting B.I Shadow for a long, long time, but also. . . with Misaki. . .), but thanks to the massive attention placed on Yuma, I’m staring to dislike him~ And it’s not even his fault! ): I think he has a great voice and a very excellent actor, so he deserves to debut. However, I would like it if he wasn’t starting to be similar to Yamapi – They both get most of the attention even though they’re in GROUPS~ Only thing similar about them.  (I dislike Yamapi. No offense to fangirls) I wonder if they’ll change the name “Yuma with B.I Shadow”. I simply hate it. Seriously, make B.I Shadow sound like a back-up dancers? That’s the worst name ever! B.I Shadow is awesome!

(Warning: Rant)

Alright, let’s post a video I actually quite dislike – supposedly, it’s called “Yuma with B.I Shadow” but it’s basically Yuma, Shintaro, and other juniors! Of all five people in the group, only Fuma and Yuma (hey, their names rhyme!! It’ll be cool if they made a group called “Fuma and Yuma”! But of course, Fuma’s name should be first.) are there. You can also barely see Fuma because he’s hidden by the other juniors. So basically, you can call this “Yuma and Shintaro: Also featuring close-ups on other juniors, and a few seconds on Fuma who also get hidden on later by Yuta and Taiga!!” I don’t care HOW cute&talented Shintaro and the other guys are, FUMA is the one part of B.I Shadow, not them!! I don’t mind a FEW close ups on them, just. . .ugh. Did you guys see the part where Shintaro walks up to the front of Yuma? After he does that, Fuma walks to the back and stays there!! He gets hidden too, and no cameratime. He doesn’t even really sing here, so just call this damn group “Yuma and Shintaro” or just Yuma. Hikaru and Yabu save me from getting super mad when they show up and start singing. They’re so talented and adorable!! When the song ends, you see close ups on Hikaru, Yabu, Shintaro, and Yuma. Even though Shintaro isn’t part of the group, he splits the attention along with Yuma, and gets all the attention that Fuma was supposed to recieve. Why didn’t Fuma get the close up? Why did he have to stay in the back? Huh?

And. . .how does Fuma keep smiling? He’s part of the group, but it’s like he’s just a background dancer. . .but he still smiles like that.

I want the old B.I Shadow back more than ever.

Yeah, I’m pissed. Sorry. But you gotta admit – Yuma does deserve to debut. You can tell by his singing. It’s. . .good awesome. But I hope you guys don’t think he looks scary anymore, because when you watch this video, he actually looks very cute!!

Even though I probably will never get over Misaki being gone (It’s been years since Kohei quit, but I’m still sad over that), I won’t be sad about the new B.I Shadow. . .but only because Kento and Fuma are still smiling. They still have that kind smile I will always remember. I hope they will always smile like that. (:

I hope they actually get the attention they deserve (and less on Yuma) very soon, because they’re the original B.I Shadow! (Well. . . 2/3. Almost close enough. Misaki, come back !!)

Although I love the old B.I Shadow and Misaki will always be part of it for me, I’ll also support the new B.I Shadow once Yuma stops getting so much attention. (: Nothing against him, but a group is a group, not just made out of one member.

Ah, this post took forever. I thought it would just take me an half hour, but I guess not. Oh well. I guess I should work on Kei’s birthday post soon so it won’t take forever to finish!!

June 15, 2009

Summer?! Koi No ABO and Summer Time

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I originally planned this to be about summer, but it turned out to be sort of a review about NEWs. . .?! If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have planned to write a REAL review about them. . .oh well. SHOULD I write a real review about them…? It’ll just be about Tegoshi and Massu though, so probably not xD haha. :

It’s summer, yet. . .it doesn’t feel like it. The sun’s finally here after a long, long time, but the highest it went today was seventy five degrees!! At least the sun came back after hiding behind those clouds (: I missed it so much! Cloudy days suck, don’t you guys agree? ~

It’s like we’re all going back to school tomorrow, doesn’t it?

Anyway, “Summer Time” by NEWs!!

This is one of my favorite songs by them (: It’s just so happy and their vocals are GREAT. For the first time ever, I think every single one of them were awesome! Usually, I would say that only Massu and Tegoshi were awesome and not say anything about the other members because I don’t care about them/Not interested in them/hate one of them.  I think this is a great song to express summer and how fun it is. We all get to relax and enjoy the sun. We get to forget about school and just play all day. We hang out without a worry in the world. Also, some things just get more romantic in the summer, don’t you guys think? (: I also think it’s like that with the rain and snow!!

When this came out, I instantly fell in love with it – you may think I usually do that with songs, but that’s only with Hey! Say! JUMP! It’s totally different with NEWs. It usually takes me a while to like the songs because it’s hard when you only love two of the members. (: Sorry NEWs fan, but you can’t honestly expect me to like ALL of them, right? Especially when only two of them are loveable!!

Anyway, Tegoshi should totally wear pink more often! He can make it look so damn pretty yet manly at the same time. o.o Amazing, huh? Haha. I have to say, Massu is just so adorable!! This is in the Top 5 videos I would probably do almost anything to pinch Massu’s cheek!! xD About Yamapi. . .I dislike him, but how freaking HARD is it to have good hair? His hair is PERFECT in this video! The hair, the cut, the color. . .?! It was also perfect in Nobuta wo Produce (I only watched it because Yuto was in it!!), but depending on a lot of stuff like the year, it’s kind of obvious that Yamapi does not know how to keep good hair. Do NOT curl it, do NOT make it wavy, do NOT dye your hair an ugly color. How hard is it? Seriously. Now Ryo!! For the first time ever, I was almost NOT creeped out by him in this video! He wouldn’t have creeped me out at all but his smile is just so. . .[shivers] scary!! Shige. . .hmm, I see he’s improved a lot. I prefer him with non gelled hair though. Kei. . . uh, he has good hair plus he’s always good at singing, I notice. I think that’s all the members, right?! >.<

I think NEWs should make more songs like these, because so far, I haven’t seen anything worth getting worked up for. Koi no ABO was a bit of a disappointment to me. I liked how they changed their style unexpectably like they did with Weeek (Actually, it took me a few hours to love Weeek. However, two thumbs up for Tegoshi’s hair in that PV! I think he should have stuck with that hair color or the blond-ness in Ai Ai Gasa! He always gets the best solos and parts in their songs~!) but disco? Seriously? And ugh, girls in the PV! Way to make us fangirls jealous. Honestly, excellent job. -.- Their dance moves were hilarious though. And the clothes? I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw them, and I still can’t. Haha. I’m glad Massu finally grew out his hair after I watched that PV a long time ago! He just looks much better with his old hairstyle! I know it was for his drama, Rescue, but still! Were they trying to make Massu less cute so Maru could get more attention? Too bad it didn’t work, because Massu was STILL cuter and cooler than Maru! Okay, no offense to Maru loves – I’m actually a fan of his beatboxing, haha.  (Pretend I said I was a fan of his)

The only reason why I listen to Koi no ABO is because of Tegosh’s solo – It’s just wonderful. I think it’s one of his best solo lines yet, and no one can tell me otherwise. He really does have a great voice, and I’m so glad he didn’t quit Johnny’s like Kohei because even though Johnny’s juniors are talented, they’re just. . .the SUPER talented ones.

Well, it was SUPPOSED to be about summer. . .well, I still included it xD Okay, whatever. Maybe I’ll write a real review about NEWs soon! Hopefully I’ll manage to talk about the other members and not bash ANY of them, not even Yamapi or Ryo!! (And maybe even remember Kei and Shige!!)

June 13, 2009


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Warning: Not just about Ya-Ya-Yah and Hey! Say! JUMP, but only mostly about them.

Today I graduated from middle school, so I’m offically a high schooler! It makes me think about the Hey! Say! JUMP members – Being a teen is hard enough, being an idol. . . how do they do it? I know they love the attention and making music and everything, but still.

Anyway, I want to just make a short little post today because I’m really tired. I want to sleep and melt away the stress from middle school!

It’s about Ya-Ya-Yah, the group I supported since I was a little girl until Hey! Say! JUMP was formed. (Hey, I’m still rooting for Shoon and I will definately support Taiyo if he ever pursues a career in music again!)

This video doesn’t have pictures or anything, but it’s actually Ya-Ya-Yah singing Yuuki 100%. . . a very long time ago. I love Hey! Say! JUMP, but the only reason why I listen to their version of Yuuki 100% is because Yabu and Hikaru were part of Ya-Ya-Yah too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t listen to it.

It’s because of this song (Which is still very dear to me) that I got the courage to do something I never thought I would – ask him (a crush, lol) to dance with me yesterday. I was just sitting at a table, all nervous because he was sitting right behind me, when this song popped into my mind.

You know what Yuuki 100% means, right? Yuuki = Courage, so. . .

I told myself I need courage and I finally asked him.

I will never forget the last dance yesterday,

and it’s all because of Ya-Ya-Yah and their song I will never, ever forget.

So why did Ya-Ya-Yah. . .

why didn’t they debut?

They’re all very talented,

and serious about being idols.

Hey! Say! JUMP is my first love and always will be,

but Ya-Ya-Yah was my first love way before they were formed.

So can anyone tell me why?

Ya-Ya-Yah forever.

June 5, 2009

B.I Shadow without Misaki?

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I know this is only my second post, so there will probably be almost no readers but. . .I just have to post something.

So it’s been announced that B.I Shadow is debuting, only with Nakayama Yuma and the Junior from School Kakumei, Kochi Yuugo. However, wasn’t it only that they’re making a debut single instead of the normal debut? Remember Ya-Ya-Yah? They also released a single, but they didn’t debut. But I hope it’s just a misunderstanding because I can barely think, nevermind get the facts straight. The reason is obvious:  It apparently been reported that Misaki Takahata has quitted Johnny’s, a.k.a not debut along with the rest of the group.

Although I’m happy for B.I Shadow, it’s just. . .such a. . .

Misaki didn’t really quit, right? It’s just a rumor, right?

Someone please tell me it’s just a rumor.

But I guess I have to face reality. I’m almost certain it’s true. I’m just in denial.

This sucks so much.

I mean, this is how I felt with Kohei from J.J Express. If Kohei didn’t quit, I KNOW he would have debuted with Hey! Say! Jump! (Yes, he’s in the Heisei era, although barely) I like Yuma, it’s just that I want Misaki in the group too!!!

Ugh. I’m trying so hard not to cry. I’ve been doing this since I found out.

I wanted B.I Shadow to debut so much, but with Misaki! I can’t think of a B.I Shadow without him. I just can’t. He was the one who was the main bully in Scrap Teacher, the one who got the most lines and attentions!

I can’t get over the name though – Can’t it just be plain B.I Shadow? Fine, Fuma can be the leader, but still! And I still don’t get why Misaki quit – It seemed like he really loved being in B.I Shadow!

Anyway, on to more happy news: Koishite Akuma ~ Vampire Boy. I can’t wait to watch it! I find it weird that he’s falling for his homeroom teacher, a twenty three year old, but she’s pretty and can probably pass for a teenager, so I suppose it’s nothing to get freaked out about.

I’m going to always remember B.I Shadow. The original one, with only three members, the ones who were in Scrap teacher together, the one with Misaki. I wanted only those three to debut, and only those three. I couldn’t choose who I liked more, and I hardly knew anything about them, so I wanted to debut quickly so I could love them even more.

Is it impossible now?

Here are just some of the few videos of them! (: Most of them are low quality, but hey – B.I Shadow is still B.I Shadow!

And now here’s are some piccys :

scrapteacher.B.Ishadow02jr09-10calendar_06b.i shadow-02



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